Writer’s choice

**Whatever option you decide to go with, I can provide the book pages (images) and the documents of the theories You can choose to write this assignment on either Hanna’s article (Reader Response) or Howard’s article (Structuralism). Just pick ONE. Option...

close reading Chapter 1 from The Handmaid’s Tale

Some hints on things to look for: Setting (both place and time) Order of ideas…begins in vivid detail; ends in darkness. Desire, sex, youth and freedom (excitement and possibility). Irony (yearning; out of reach) Remember to consider language, narrative...

Chapter 8

Please write your reflections for Chapter 8, and what you have learned from the reading. The book where chapter come from is How to write a Master’s Thesis by Yvonne N. Bul

Writer’s Choice

After reviewing the lesson on Folktales, write a paragraph about a particular folktale you remember from your childhood. What was the premise of the folktale? DO you believe that there is any truth to folktales? Why or why not? Why do you believe that folktale...

Outside Looking In

I need a summary from beginning, middle, and end for the play Outside Looking In by Maxwell Anderson. Time period 1925.