Building on your outlining skills, your will outline an analysis of a medieval manuscript illustration and utilize the source text from the Bible to support it. You will need to select passages from the Bible to summarize, paraphrase, or quote, depending on the needs of your argument.
Images are often created as a part of a larger work. This is true of illustrated pages in medieval manuscripts, which correspond to the text of the Bible. Like any visual narrative, these illustrations are an interpretation of a story, but unlike Greek myths, these images are dependent on clearly defined source material that must be interpreted by the artist and viewer. Due to the limitations of the medium, the illustrator must make choices regarding how to tell the story, what parts of the story to tell, and what parts of the story to omit. Those choices often serve the artist’s, patron’s, or broader culture’s ideological motives and priorities.
In this assignment, you will begin to structure an analysis of the selected manuscript illustration, utilizing the text of the Bible to interpret the artist’s choices. To accomplish this, you will fill out the attached worksheet, gather analytical observations about the image, and choose supporting passages from the text to summarize, paraphrase, or quote. From this process, you will also formulate a thesis statement based on your observation and analysis.