Brands from a Consumer Perspective
Using the module’s readings and at least one article published in 2020 or 2021 from Trident Library’s Business Source Complete (EBSCO), a full-text database, research brands.
Brand Research
Identify one well-known brand and research why consumers are drawn to it. Describe a major competitor of the brand and compare the two brands in terms of positioning.
Are they positioned differently?
What are the points of differentiation? (1 page) Research Required.
Brand Message Analysis
How do the brands communicate with their target market? Analyzing the message strategies now and over time is an excellent exercise to understand how the brand remains successful.
Find an older and one recent commercial for each of the brands. Note: YouTube has numerous vintage and new commercials. New commercials may also be found on the brand’s website. How to cite and reference a YouTube video.
Describe the two commercials and include the video link.
What is the overall message of the brand? Explain in depth. (3/4 of a page for each brand)
Brand Application
Analyze the brand messages. Consider how the messages build brand loyalty. (1/2 page) Research Required.