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The assignment is for a booster club.
Our booster club is getting a new cloud information system (CIS), which has
been the focus of our recent efforts. The previous system was first
implemented in 2001 and operated on a mainframe. We concluded that it was
time to update a more recent system and started looking into our available
alternatives. We concluded that a hosted CIS solution would make it much
simpler to operate and keep up with its operations. We compared and
contrasted two distinct solutions: a hosted service provided by a major
technological corporation and the other was an independently produced
product offered by a more modest business. After thoroughly examining the
two options, we concluded that the solution that was independently built
would best suit our needs (Sharma & Singh, 2015). Not only was it less
expensive, but it also offered more functionalities.
In January 2015, we decided to move all of our data over to the new platform
and started the migration process. We could complete the transfer in a
little over three months, thanks to the fact that the procedure went rather
well. We are pleased with how much more productive and simple to use the new
system is, and we cannot wait to start putting it into action shortly.
Key Information System Components
The Booster club’s cloud-based information management system is assembled
from a few essential parts. These consist of the following, among others:
. A database that contains information about the club in its entirety.
This database may be accessed by both the staff and the club members.
. An application programming interface that allows club employees and
members to access and manage the club’s data.
. An online application allows club employees and members to view and
manage their club’s data from a place other than the group’s physical
. A reporting system that gives clubs the ability to monitor their
performance and make adjustments to their business practices as required.