Question 1: Micro- versus Macroevolution (25 points)
Differentiate between microevolution and macroevolution and describe causes of macroevolutionary events. Include in your answer:
a. definitions of micro- and macroevolution
b. the types of mutations that lead to microevolution
c. the types of mutations that would lead to major changes in structure and physiology
d. the role of continental drift as evidenced by ratites, Cynognathus and Lystrosaurus
e. the role of mass extinctions to macroevolution dynamics
Question 2: Hawaiian Honeycreepers (25 points)
Describe the origin and diversification of Hawaiian honeycreepers. Include in your answer:
a. the origin of honeycreepers from ancestral stocks
b. definitions of evolution, divergence, natural selection, fitness and adaptation
c. a descriiption of the geologic sequence of island formation and the molecular clock that was used to correlate speciation and
island formation
d. the selective pressures that have caused population declines and extinctions.