What is a potential benefit to cleaning graffiti from a community as quickly as possible? What should be done before graffiti is removed? Use the example listed below as a reference. What do you think is the primary reason why a gang member writes graffiti? What is graffiti, define it?
Describe a gang-specific article of clothing that could be used to document a gang member. Why do many gang members wear baggy or loose clothing, what are the advantages of this?
Identify one way in which a gang member may have a moniker; how it was assigned; by who; and why. Identify personality traits associated with monikers and what a moniker can tell a police officer that is dealing with an individual, give examples?
What role does a chaotic family structure, including a disturbed parent / child relationship, parental instability, or little or no supervision from parent play in an individual joining a gang? What can a parent do to help reduce the chances that their child will join a gang, name at least two suggestions?
What role does mentoring play in gang prevention? How important is it and whose job is it to find mentors for at-risk youth? What type of life-management skills should be available in high-risk areas to divert kids away from gangs?
What is the impact video games that glorify gangs can have on a child playing the game? Do you think television, movies, radio, and music have effects on youth development, if so why?
If you were a school administrator and had the funding to set up three specific after-school programs to reduce gang membership, what would you select and why? What types of job training programs should be available to direct gang involved youth into mainstream society? What services could be provided to gang involved youth to help them address associated issues like substance abuse?
What is the impact of easy access to a firearm when discussing a gang crime? What can the police do to get guns off the streets in gang neighborhoods? What is a key element of any campaign to reduce the availability of firearms that make it into the hands of gang members?
What is the impact a person’s environment has on them joining a gang? Why do some neighborhoods have a gang problem, and some do not, what are the characteristics of a neighborhood that aide in the formation of gangs? What does environmental criminology focus on and how does this help address the gang problem?
Why does the gang law in California contain the word terrorism, should it, should it not? How are gang members and international terrorists the same, or how are they different? What is quasi-terrorism, would that definition apply to the local gangs in your area?