Determining your career trajectory is a long and laborious process that should begin at the initiation of graduate education rather than at the terminus. For this project you will be defining your goals for using your nutrition degree. In this project you will be examining the legal requirements for licensure for two states. (Florida and New York). Defining the requirements for licensure and creating an initial process plan for achieving these requirements and initial steps for planning your future career.
Sources: AMA style
Part 1: Future Plans
In the first Part of your paper you are to define your goals for your future in the field of nutrition. This is not set in stone but more of a starting point for the exploration needed in the remaining sections. If you plan to go into practice please indicate a potential location and type of practice you would be looking to start (i.e. a sports performance practice in New York City). This introductory section should be approximately 150 words.
Part 2: State Level Credentialing (Note: if you plan to practice abroad please feel free to use local municipalities in the country you are researching so instead of state in Canada you would use provence) Now that there is a definition of plans for the future you will take a look at the state level regulations required to practice nutrition. In this section you will examine 2 states (Florida and New York) that you may consider practicing in and research the: availability of licensure or certification, how to attain that licensure or certification, and what is the scope of practice for each state. If you do not plan to practice please pick 2 states to research as if you were. If you happen to have another license in a different field you can include how the scope for that state includes nutrition. This section should be approximately 250-400 words.
Part 3: National Credentialing
In this section you will examine the required and desired credentialing for nutrition. If your above states require a CNS (for example) you will research and report the CNS requirements and how you will meet them. This would also be a good place to include any and all other national certifications you intend to purse and their requirements (i.e. specialty certifications). This section should be approximately 200-400 words.
Part 4: Plan for Success
In this section you will provide a quick summary of the above information laid out as a plan moving forward. What things should you be doing before graduation and after it to assist you in achieving these goals. Again this is not meant to be set in stone but rather a way to turn the knowledge gained during your research into a plan of action for your future in the field of nutrition. This section should be approximately 150 words.