In order for businesses to achieve sustainable performance, a harmonization between several different yet complementary factors must be realized. To sustain business performance, management must look beyond only financial business considerations to maximize long-term value. There must exist a shared understanding of the connection and purpose between various business dimensions to fully grasp the significant business imperative of value creation and cost savings.
For your initial post in the discussion forum, review the module lesson and address the following:
Explain how the balanced scorecard (see Using a Balanced Scorecard to Measure Your Key Performance Indicators for more information about what these scorecards can look like) can potentially enhance business performance management for an industry that you are familiar with or interested in learning more about
Identify specific examples of key indicators in this industry for each balanced scorecard perspective, and use that information to complete a balanced scorecard table in the Balanced Scorecard Table Template document
Attach your completed Balanced Scorecard Table to your post
After completing your balanced scorecard, decide whether you think the balanced scorecard can be applied to any for-profit or nonprofit business and explain why or why not