I AM HOPING TO HAVE A WRITER THAT WILL help to complete the assignments per week for this project. (Will tip) if interested in continuing tasks per week for the assignments, please message me your writer ID# . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
Read the Research Paper instructions posted in this week’s Online Learning Resources. Next, choose a literary work or works (no more than 2) on which to focus; then, select a general topic or subject area within that literature; next, devise a research question and working thesis statement that helps guide your eventual research; finally, write a paragraph that explains what you propose to do in more detail. This activity will help provide a solid foundation for the project, and your submission will allow me to provide useful feedback to you once the activity is graded next week.
Your completed response should be at least 300 words and contain the following:
List the author name(s) and literary work(s) you plan to write about.
Provide a research question. This is the question you most want to answer as you proceed in your research project. (Example Research Questions: What is Homer saying in The Iliad about the suffering and loss in war? What do The Iliad and The Odyssey collectively suggest about the role of women in that time period?)
Provide a clearly-labelled working thesis statement. This should be a one-sentence declarative statement that clearly announces the purpose/intent of your eventual paper- what is it out to prove in its argument? You might think of this working thesis statement as a possible answer to your research question. (Example Working Thesis Statement: Homer employs harmful gender stereotypes in his depiction of women in The Iliad.)
Write a proposal paragraph in which you explain why you are interested in this literature, what led you to this topic, what you hope to learn as you proceed in your research, and any possible challenges or concerns you might face as you work on this project.
Photo(INSTRUCTIONS FOR RESEARCH PAPER (DUE IN WEEK 7) gives you an overall understanding of the final paper. For this assignment only due as prompted in these paragraph instructions, followed by the continuing of the PHOTO ATTACHED STATING in bold YOUR COMPLETED RESONSE SHOULD BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS CONTAING THE FOLLOWING. ALSO, READ (document 3pdf) FOR TOPICS TO CHOOSE FROM.