Assignment Tasks: In
a business memo addressed to the instructor, provide responses for each of the
five discussion questions listed at the end of the case study.
1. The
answers to these questions should be based on information in the textbook in
addition to other sources. Be certain that your answers are clear and significantly
supported by concepts in our text.
2. Make it
clear in your memo which question you are addressing but do not enumerate your
paragraphs and do not recite the questions.
3. Question
#5 is largely opinion based. There is often more than one possible right
answer. It is important to support your answer using by concepts in the
textbook or online sources.
The memo must be submitted using MS Word
in business memo format
assignment in MS Word, single spaced and use 12 pt. Arial -Standard
black ink.
5. Limit
your content to one page only. This is to focus your
response in a clear and concise manner.