Assignment Description:
Throughout the course of this semester, we have been studying different musical periods, some of which last for almost 100 years, and some of which last 1,000 years. Because of time constraints, we have only been able to focus on a few representative composers from each period. The following research-based essay is designed to show you how challenging it is to select only a few musicians to represent an entire genre or era. Based on your own research, which must move beyond our class discussions and readings, you will create an essay that accomplishes the following task:
You work for a major textbook publishing company in the Music Appreciation Department. Your company wants to add a new chapter titled “Popular Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries” to its Music Appreciation textbook. You must select five (5) artists or groups to include as representative musicians. Keep in mind that these are the only five musicians who will be included, so you must make a strong case for what makes them essential to telling the story of how popular music has developed over nearly the last 100 years. For each artist or group, include 1-2 paragraphs that draw on the knowledge you have developed this semester to explain why they should be included.