Review the module material, and respond to the following question using the written format included in the instructions and support pages.
Writing Prompt
Read the two NTSB accident reports.
Write a paper discussing the possible similarities of error chains and how the dynamics of SMS may have prevented these accidents.
NTSB: Accident Report – New Mexico AAR-11/04 (PDF) Download NTSB: Accident Report – New Mexico AAR-11/04 (PDF)
NTSB: Accident Report – Alaska AAR-14/03 (PDF) Download NTSB: Accident Report – Alaska AAR-14/03 (PDF)
Your papers must demonstrate a comprehension of the issue based on facts, not opinion. Facts may be from the course or other stated references. Opinions must be corroborated by references.
Write a 3-4 page response, double-spaced, using an average of 1,000 -words. Solid writing using APA mechanics and style are required. Support your answers and data with references, and cite your sources.
You should review and utilize the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual, a required text for this course, as guidance for your submissions. A title and reference page are additional pages to the 3-4 page response. All other APA formatting applies.
Below are the two articles that need to be reviewed for the paper. Sources must be scholarly.