See attached files for the paper, I am a critical care nurse since 2003, started as novice and thru practice over the years, now an expert. I am a trauma nurse, rapid response nurse, charge nurse, precepted new nurses, code blue nurse. short term goal is finishing my Master’s and long term goal is DNP/FNP.
Go to the following website: (Links to an external site.) I have
attached the results of above link for the paper.
In a 3-5 page paper (except the title, abstract, or reference pages), summarize your assessment of your skills as a nurse educator to date using the self-evaluation tool provided by Learning Nurse. Include in the paper the following:
Using the Advanced Assessment tool by Learning Nurse, complete a self-evaluation of your skills: Nurse Educator EB-04 (Delivery Methods) or EB-05 (Learning Environment). Place the completed evaluation tools as an appendix following APA guidelines.
Based on your evaluation of your competency, describe how you have progressed through Benner’s Stages of Clinical Competence based on the outcome of the self-assessment tool.
Include in the paper short and long-term goals for your professional development.
Discuss how you plan to accomplish your goals.
Use heading levels i.e. Summary of Clinical Skills, Professional Goals, and Conclusion.
CHECK Course Activity for further information.
NAC (Not Applicable)
No equivalence
DEV (Developmental)
COM (Competent)
DTE (Desire to Enhance)
EXC (Excellent)