Assessment Description
Another instructional method commonly used in STEM instruction is the engineering design process. The engineering design process is a way of learning similar to the scientific method, that is using engineering to develop a solution to the problem. This kind of learning is important in the STEM classroom because it involves following steps and a process in order to problem solve.
Part 1: Proposal
Create a proposal for a staff meeting/professional development you would like to present to your colleagues. Use the “Engineering Design Process Professional Development Proposal” to explain to your administrators the engineering design process, how it can be implemented in the classroom, and why it would be valuable to other teachers.
Your proposal should include:
Rationale for the proposal to explain why you would like to share this information at a staff meeting/professional development
Detailed description of the engineering design process as it would be implemented in a STEM classroom
State standard within your content area and another state standard for an additional STEM content area to use as an example of the STEM concept/learning engagement experience. (You may use the same standard you used for assignments in Topic 1 and Topic 2, or select a different standard.)
A learning objective that could be used for cross-disciplinary instruction
Engaging learning experience example aligned with the identified standard and objective and including cross-disciplinary content that incorporates STEM subjects outside your content area
Example of one strategy that can be used in the learning experience to differentiate to meet the needs of diverse students
Part 2: Reflection
Along with your proposal, include a 250-500 word reflection on the importance of including the engineering design process as an instructional method when teaching STEM.
How is the engineering design process well-suited to cross-disciplinary instruction in STEM content areas?
How will you implement the engineering design process in your future professional STEM practice?
Support your reflection with at least two scholarly resources.
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