As healthcare continues to change healthcare project managers are responsible for leading and overseeing projects that a healthcare organization are pursuing to improve operations. Healthcare Project Managers identify and evaluate risks to reduce injury to patients, staff members, and visitors within an organization. Project & Risk managers work pro-actively and reactively to either prevent incident or to minimize the damages following an event.
Your Group Assignment is to Identify a Risk or Risks in a Healthcare Setting and create a Project Risk Management Plan on how to improve the risk or risks in the healthcare organization.
Students/Group may select one below.
Risks in Healthcare Setting
Cyber Risk
Healthcare Infections
Violent Incidents in Hospitals
Alarm Fatigue
Preparedness for Pandemics
Healthcare Reform/Physician Integration
Disruptive Staff Behavior
Environmental Pollutants
Emergency Preparedness
Use the link below to assist you in your Group Assignment.
A Guide to Risk Management in Healthcare
How to Create a Risk Management Plan
Research Format:
Title Page (does not count as a page)
5-6 Pages
APA Citations (does not count as a Page)