From the reading article, let’s practice identifying and paraphrasing evidence in support of the arguments sentence. Evidence is what provides the credibility to a researcher’s position, and it is what gives us a way to “back up” and support our claims.
1. One main idea Sentence that states an argument you can make about the topic based on the article.
2. Two Sentences that explain why the argument is chosen
3. What evidence you can use from the article to support your main idea sentence?
4. Find two pieces of evidence from the article and paraphrase them. Be sure to include an APA citation for any sentences that include paraphrased material.
5. Additionally, reflect on the process of paraphrasing the evidence. Pose any questions and/or explain challenges that came up during the process.
citing research using APA format.
Gredler, J. (2018). Postsecondary online students’ preferences for text-based instructor feedback. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 30(2), 195-206