APA Format, References, Assignment
Tips: Start by expanding the basic WBS from the Charter that you completed in IP2 to include all of the tasks necessary to complete the renovation, equipping, supplying, training, and marketing of this new location. Think about how you could decompose your work packages into activities and subactivities to complete this coffee house project. You should use all of the project artifacts (deliverables) you produced so far and the given project scenario to identify all of the activities that are needed.
You should be able to come up with 30–50 activities, both major and sub-activities, for your schedule baseline. Once those activities have been identified, next refine your schedule by plugging in start and finish dates, durations, and predecessor relationships. Your project name must go in the first row, and all other activates should be indented under it. You should link all activities to summary tasks and subactivities to the main activity. You may make assumptions for any of this work. You should save the finished project file as: “Week 3 deliverable_your name.” Use the Week 2 IP templet information to do week 3 IP templet and make sure you do a closing at the end.