Find one of these articles
Lacey C. Abuse of quarantine authority. The case for a federal approach to infectious
disease containment. J Leg Med. 2003 Jun;24(2):199-214.
Lerner BH. Catching patients: tuberculosis and detention in the 1990s.
Chest. 1999 Jan;115(1):236-41.
Mindes P. Tuberculosis quarantine: a review of legal issues in Ohio and other states.
J Law Health. 1995-1996;10(2):403-28.
Or find a research article that deals with quarantine or detention

Once you identify the article pull out the following pieces of information
P (Population or Patient or Problem):

I (Intervention):

C (Comparison, if one)

O (Outcome(s))
Then find out:
What is the current legal standing of detention in your area is it legal or not in your hometown state of Virginia?
Then find out
what cases in real world where detention been found an effective and legally supportable way to prevent disease transmission other than what you found in the article and compare?
share your own thoughts about detention or quarantine based on everything you have reported on above