Among transformational, authentic, servant, and adaptive leadership theories, which do you think lends itself to the most ethical form of leadership? Why? Explain your answer in terms of theories of moral conduct and moral character.
References to Choose From to Cite:
Article: “Institutional organizational ethics through transformational leadership,” by D. S. Carlson and P. L. Perrewe. The authors argue that transformational leadership offers a useful approach for development of an ethical culture in organizations.
Article: “Ethical values of transactional and transformational leaders” by R. N. Kanungo. Kanungo compares and contrasts the moral values of transactional leaders and transformational leaders.
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Article: “The effect of authentic transformational leadership on follower and group ethics.” by W. Zhu, et al. Conflating authentic leadership and transformational leadership, the authors discuss the moral implications of their views for follower and group ethics.