Hello Writer!
This unit is called JNB330 Supply Chain Management.
-This is a presentation assignment.
-This assignment requires YOU to choose a topic of interest/business to talk about in terms of supply chain.
-This assignment requires you to abide by a theme and streams of supply chain.
-This assignment requires you to mostly use academic sources.
The theme is:
Aligning and impacting business with supply chain management’.
The three streams are: network, sustainability, and risk.
Assignment instructions:
It is an opportunity for you to choose a topic of interest to you personally and/or relevant to your workplace/career. Basically, your presentation includes information such as a background to the chosen topic area, a section on concepts relevant to the theme and your chosen stream and then demonstrate how the concepts can be applied in practice. For this latter section, you can choose whether you are going to focus on one example or draw on many. You must provide at least 12 references for the in-text citations in the presentation and the reference list at the end of your presentation. Use of academic sources, especially in the concepts
part, rather than commercial websites is highly suggested for referencing.
Business of interest that my lecturer gave the class where amazon or target for example. Or any other that may interest you. Choose whatever to talk about that you can easily access academic resources and abides by theme and streams.
Also if you (writer) get stuck or are confused about a topic please dont hesitate to let me know and i can ask lecturer.
Assignment Criteria:
(1) Explain the background to the chosen topic area
(2) Select and apply concepts relevant to the theme and the chosen stream
(3) Explain concepts being applied or not in practice in the real world.
Below i have filed Marking rubric, theme topic and instructions again.
Also please make the powerpoint look engaging. If you feel like you need any clarification or unanswered questions please let me know 🙂
Thank you