Having a solid foundation of adult learning starts by looking inward at yourself as an adult learner. By examining your own learning experiences, you gain an understanding of how adult learning concepts, traits, and theories work in practice. In this assignment, you share your reflections on being an adult learner, as well as a personal experience learning new technology.
Reflect on your prior adult learning experiences. Address the following in your assignment:
Brief introduction with a context and thesis for your submission
Describe what it means to you to be an adult learner in a global world, including 3 traits of adult learners that you feel represent you.
Describe a time in your adult life when you learned a new technology-based skill or application (e.g., new computer, new phone, new software or app, etc.).
Explain how you learned to use the new technology-based skill or application (e.g., formal instruction, user manual, how-to video, manufacturer provided tutorial, etc.).
Relate 1 traditional learning theory and 1 adult learning theory that best represents your experience learning the new technology-based skill or application, to include:
How each theory is represented in your learning experience
How the 2 theories are the same and how they are different
Brief conclusion to sum up key points
* you can use as many sources as you want to*