The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the steps that can influence change within an agency or organization. You will utilize and follow a Six Step strategy to utilize Social Media to address the topic.
– The outline is based on the framework recommended by
Netting, Kettner, and McMurtry (2011), which should be consulted when developing the details of the proposal (the level of detail will vary across proposals for different types of macro change
– The assignment will include a Power Point Presentation to showcase the final Social Media Campaign Proposal (there should be no more than 10 slides excluding the title and reference
– Each step provides questions for your group to discuss or explore.
**Identify Problems with Perception of Social Workers**
-Discuss how the challenge of public perception of Social Work impacts our practice.
-Review literature of SW profession retention, labor statistics, areas of need and provide your
-Report on at least one direct response from a supervisor or other SW professionals about their perspective on perception issues and problems it creates. This needs to be in quotations and correctly cited using APA format.
**Assess community or organization**
-Report on the population of SW’s that your topic covers.
-Is this topic underserved or expected to make growth?
-Who are they key stakeholders?
-How/Does your topic area impact services being rendered to clients?
-What stakeholders have power over your topic area to make a change?
-What are the potential barriers of addressing your topic area?
-What is the understanding of the problem (factors that cause/maintain, factors to help understand
the experience of the topic area)?
**Specify Change**
-What is the intervention your group came up with to address the problem?
-What area/specific group/organization will your project impact?
-What will be potential impact (education, awareness, policy, prevention, access new services)?
-What potential barriers do you anticipate?
-What resources do you need?
-What relationships/partnerships do you need?
-What is the specific target?
-Are there any social media campaigns that have been successful in the past that address this
**Strategies and Tactics**
-Identify strategies selected and desired outcome
-What are the specific steps, tasks, tools, and resources needed?
-How will the social media campaign be implemented, monitored and maintained?
Social Media Proposal and Evaluation
-How would you evaluate the impact/success of the proposed change?