Three paragraphs, please see below:
Paragraph 1
Why is it important for companies to consider shareholders and other stakeholders in their financial decisions? Provide at least one example to support your ideas. Additionally, discuss any experience and/or interest that you have in working with companies that issue stock.
Share any similar interests or experiences that you may have.
Paragraph Two
Public enterprises are required to present earnings per share data on the income statement. Consider the effect of dilutive and antidilutive convertible securities. Discuss this information from the perspective of a shareholder, and discuss what shareholders would expect to discern from this information.
Discuss potential challenges that might arise from the presentation of this information and shareholders’ interpretations. How should this information be communicated to shareholders?
Paragraph Three
Employers frequently provide postretirement benefits to employees aside from pensions. Some of these benefits include health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance. Choose one (health, life, or disability insurance) and explain the similarities and differences when accounting for this other benefit in addition to a pension. Which one would a company be most likely to select, or which one makes the most sense?
Add your ideas about which one makes the most sense and why. Additionally, discuss how this might impact the company.