Summarize an argument for “secular buddhism” and provide two arguments against Batchelor’s Thesis based on your analysis and then provide two arguments of your own (not found in Batchelor) in support of Batchelor’s thesis and then finally summarize your point of view for or against Batchelor and say why. (NO outside research necessary, just the cite the Batchelor article). The article is attached below as well as rubric.
–Five pages minimum, no penalty for writing more
–Be sure to number your pages
–Check grammar and spelling
–1-inch margins top, bottom, left and right
–Double spaced
–Times New Roman font, 12-point
–Use simplified parenthetical citation. For example, (Vedas, 34) or (Upanishads, 23) or (Nattier,
21) or (Murphy, 11), (Gethin, 342), etc. No need for a bibliography or references section. Just
use the course readings, no external sources/research is necessary or allowed for this