“ A 200 or more word statement describing why you want to be in the Fire Service and what preparations you have made toward a career in firefighting/public safety, is required.”
(Preparation made toward career)
I’ve been an EMT for a year and a half.
I have volunteered at Salome Fire department
I’ve am currently doing ride alongs with different departments
I work for the Phoenix Fire Department- Crisis Unit and Work with impact for suicide prevention!
I Live a very active and healthy life style both mentally and physically with an understanding of good health plays in being a a great firefighter.
Just need it to be in 1st person sounding sentimental. It is for a job application For the fire department and need it to be real lol. I gave you some material to work with. Doesn’t have to be a novel! Thanks again and really appreciate it. There are some good examples online I saw as well to kinda give an understanding of how it should sound