5 pages (double spaced, 12-point font, standard margins) minimum and 6 pages maximum. Do not deviate from your spacing. That is, once you begin your essay the entirety of the essay will be in double-spaced formatting only. Please do not triple space etc. between paragraphs. Be sure to indent when beginning a new paragraph. Your essay must have consistent font use throughout your essay. If you must cut and paste be certain it is made consistent with the rest of your essay. Your essay must adhere to either an MLA or APA formatting (be sure to look this up if you are unfamiliar), your essay must include a separate title page (that also includes a word count) and bibliography page, and neither of these are included in your page total requirement.
You are required to use, consistently and throughout your essay, a minimum of three academic sources and a maximum of five. This is strict.
Topics to choose from, and keywords to include:
1. Euphoria (HBO, Season 2)
Keywords: Youth, class, gender, race and sexuality
2. Social Media and Celebrity
Keywords: Celebrity, power, status, reality, narrative
3. Race, Sports and Music
Keywords: Critical Race Theory, “rappers wanna be ballers and ballers wanna be rappers”, sneakerculture, race and celebrity, branding, mobility and racism
4. Inventing Anna (Netflix)
Keywords: Gender, status, social class, celebrity, truth and reality
5. The Tinder Swindler (Netflix)
Keywords: Masculinity, dating apps, power and gender roles
For example, the keywords listed provide you with a starting point – begin by researching how these keywords apply to both sociology and the issues pertinent within your topic. For example, Euphoria examines youth culture, gender and social class, and your job is to apply research on these issues to the show itself.
You are required to research and write a critical essay examining the topic of your choice from a sociological perspective in which you examine the central issues you see as most pertinent. Avoid first-person, avoid flowery celebrations such as ” _______” and avoid the phrase “I think.” You are writing a critical essay that examines the sociology of popular culture through a) the topic you choose and b) how the keywords apply to the topic you have chosen.
essays follow all instructions clearly and closely, and includes a clear, direct thesis statement that is active throughout the essay, and introduces the reader to the central ideas and argument to be addressed. A very strong argument that reminds the reader of the thesis consistently, is compelling and critical, and structured cleanly.
– Makes frequent and astute use of academic sources and does so in a manner that both solidifies and forwards the essay’s thesis while the demonstrating the source listed are active within the essay. Additionally, student finds their own research – sources, examples, media – rather than relying only on lecture examples provided for them. Sociological terminology and concepts and theories are used to forward the essay’s examination
– Strong, relevant sources – academic + critical – and those that are specific to the topic: each source is well suited to the essay and is used in a compelling manner. Sources that are academic and follow instructions: no newspapers, magazines, blogs etc…unless only as a contextualizing reference.
– Clean and strong writing – writing that is compelling, reader’ly and convincing, as well as uses sources in a manner demonstrating use rather than solely inclusion. That is, sources are used to contribute to the essay not simply be included in the essay.
– Satisfies the mandatory page requirement and uses the pages wisely. That is, recognizes that value in not only “writing enough” but doing so wisely and taking advantage of the pages offered to score marks. No mistakes whatsoever in spelling, grammar, structure, formatting etc. Uses either MLA or APA throughout essay.