Part 1
1. You are reading a study comparing the income of first-year nursing students versus first-year respiratory students. The results section states, “the p-value is .04; the t value is 2.14.”
a. What does the p-value mean, and how would the reader interpret this value in relation to the conclusions of the study?
b. What does the t -value measure?
2. Write a brief paragraph comparing and contrasting the p-value and confidence interval involved in inferential statistics.
3. Using the article from Chapter 3 (Appendix A-3), write a paragraph explaining why no significance was found between leg length discrepancy and type of hip arthroplasty. Article—Leg Length Discrepancy in Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty (Christopher N.Peck, Karan Malhotra, Winston Y. Kim)
Part 2
Develop a table analyzing the connections between the results and conclusions from the fictional study article in Appendix B (Demographic Characteristics as Predictors of Nursing Students’ Choice of Type of Clinical Practice) The table should have a column for short statements or quotes for each discrete result and a second matching column for each discrete conclusion.
Please use the template attached below for part 1 and turn an addition Word or Excel and for part 2