3-4 pages
Part 1: Comparing Ballet Forms
Define each of the following terms:
● classical ballet
● neoclassical ballet
● contemporary ballet
Find a 20th-century ballet that exemplifies each of the forms. See a video performance of the ballet or collect several descriptions and critiques of the work. Justify how the specific work meets the criteria of that dance form by writing a one- to two-page paper.
Part 2: Modern Dance: Characterizing Postmodern Choreography
What is postmodern dance? How did it evolve? Who contributed to this movement? What elements define the style and have become themes associated with postmodern dance? Develop a concept map that includes the forms that postmodern dance can take and the choreographers related to these forms. A concept map is a graphic organizer that shows the relationships among concepts or other items. An example is in chapter 3, where the relationships and connections among different dances are explored (see Figure 3.1). You can generate a concept map by using a drawing tool in a word processing program or a specific application for concept mapping.
Part 3: Choreographer’s Sketch or Summary
Create a summary of one or more of these choreographers and their significant works:
● Twyla Tharp
● Mark Morris
● Urban Bush Women
● H.T. Chen and Company
● Bill T. Jones