there is two surveys one of them is mine the other is another student survey Iv’e been struggling with this survey and i paid so much but there is literally no one did it right that’s why I’m sending two different surveys the other one is another student who did it right so you can compare and edit mine after editing there’s the final paper which is this one that I’m paying for after editing the survey there is this web
after Reading this website these are the questions that needs to be answered
In this post, please answer the following questions:
1) How were women influential in the development of the discipline of psychology? Please provide specific details from all sources.
2)How have women’s contributions been acknowledged? How do we know about their accomplishments?
3) What were the issues that contributed to the bias(es) against women being educated with men and being granted a doctorate degree?
4) Define the term “zeitgeist”. Has the zeitgeist concerning women changed? Why or why not?
5) Why do you think the general public is typically unaware of women’s contributions to psychology? (How did your survey results confirm this perspective?)