For your first essay, I would like for you to argue for or against amnesty. Hopefully last week’s readings helped you to understand the issue a little better than you did. You may use the two articles I gave you, but I also want you to find two additional sources that agree with your point of view to use as evidence. And even if you are “pro” amnesty (agreeing with the Nathan Thornburgh article), you still could pull information from the “con” article I gave you. For instance, you could use the information on the estimated numbers of illegals here to suggest, like Thornburgh, that their sheer numbers make them undeportable.
Look back at your responses to the articles. It was designed to get you thinking in the way you need to in order to write this essay.
*Your essay must be 2-3 pages long (not including the works cited page).
*You must use MLA manuscriipt format (see the link I provided).
*You must use parenthetical citations (See MLA section in RW and the link).
*You must have a works cited page–MLA format.
*You must submit your essay on time or contact me if you cannot.
*You must use third person (no “I” statements of any sort).