write a 5-page paper that discusses a topic ( issues with a two-party system) that you believe is under-discussed in the media, and needs awareness brought to it. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize scholarly information into a compelling argument. The paper should be free of redundancy, overly complex sentences, and perfectly formatted. Extra points will be given to any paper that takes an unusual position on a topic and backs it up with evidence. The point of this paper is to try to argue a unique point, and to combine information into a compelling and unorthodox argument. The following components are required: An APA title page 5 pages of writing (this does not include the title page, the abstract, or the references). One chart, table, graph, or figure that supports your argument either you can make it or you can cite one made by someone else. If you do use one from elsewhere, remember to cite it! Follows the paper template A references page with at least 5 APA references total, at least 3 from google scholar