Week 1 Short Paper Instructions SPST 502 Week 1 Short Paper In preparation for your Short Paper: Review the information in Lesson 1 and read Chapters 1-3 of our textbook. For this assignment, you will be submitting a 4-5 page Short Paper (minimum of 4 Full Pages of Narrative) following APA 7th Edition Style and Formatting Rules (no abstract required) that describes the astronautical accomplishments of one of the early space explorers. Several are introduced in our text, but you are not limited to those listed in the text. Your choice should be someone that contributed to a greater understanding of the nature of space (how orbits work, etc.). At a minimum, your short paper should include the following: An introduction giving an overview of your chosen Explorer’s discoveries A description of how these discoveries contributed to orbital mechanics as we know it today A discussion of how you believe these discoveries and accomplishments have impacted modern life A conclusion that shares your thoughts on how the modern world and current state of advancements in space might be different if your chosen Explorer never made these discoveries Your Short Paper should include At Least 4 Scholarly References (one of which can be our course text). The following Short Paper Format Must be Followed! Title Page (Page 1) Narrative Pages (Pages 2 through 5 to 6, no Abstract Required) References (Last Page) Review the Short Paper Grading Rubric below for additional information on the grading criteria. And Please take advantage of the attached APA 7th Edition Short Paper Template that has much of the required APA 7th Edition style and formatting already accomplished! While this should all be current and accurate, the 7th Edition of the APA Publication Manual supersedes any style or formatting (Please let me know if you discover any discrepancies). Short Paper Grading Rubric: Introduction to Explorer: 15 Points Main Content: Discussion of Accomplishments: 25 Points Impact on Modern Life: 25 Points Conclusion / World without Discoveries: 15 Points Writing and Style: APA Style and Format: 10 Points Grammar: 5 Points References/Citations: 5 Points Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word Document with the file name as follows: SPST502-ShortPaper1-LastFirst Initial (i.e., SPST502-ShortPaper1-DoeJ.docx) Your submission will automatically be forwarded to Turnitin to check for similarities to other sources and for proper citations. Any reports returning 20% or greater matches to existing works will lose points without proper explanation (I will contact you if I need clarification). For matches greater than 20% that cannot be easily explained (references, direct quotes, etc.) will result in a lower grade, depending on the actual percentage of matches to other works. While figures and tables with pictures, charts, or graphs are welcomed when they enhance your information, they DO NOT contribute to the minimum number of narrative pages required. In-text citations MUST BE USED be used and have corresponding references in accordance with APA 7th Edition Style Rules! Generally speaking, most every paragraph should have At Least one in-text citation. Your paper must include At Least 4 Scholarly References. Wikipedia IS NOT a scholarly source and is an inappropriate reference for Graduate-level work. A Note on Direct Quotes: In Graduate-level writing, direct quotes should be used sparingly (only when absolutely necessary to maintain the original meaning), if at all in a paper this short. Paraphrasing (with in-text citations) is preferred as this substantiates your thoughts and ideas while demonstrating your ability to analyze and evaluate the information you are researching and still crediting your sources (vs. your ability to copy and paste). Over-quoting will result in a grade reduction. Remember, you are following APA 7th Edition Formatting and Style Rules. Every citation listed in your text MUST have a corresponding reference on your reference page. In as such, every reference listed on your reference page should have At Least 1 corresponding in-text citation! Short Papers contribute 15% toward your Final Grade (7.5% per Short Paper) Assignment Due Date: 11:55 PM ET on Sunday of Week 1. Late Assignments: Late submissions will incur a 10% Grade Penalty per day unless arrangements are made Before the due date regarding an extenuating situation. Without prior communication, no credit will be given for assignments over 1 week late (11:55 PM ET on Sunday of Week 2). Please post any questions about these requirements in the Online Office.