Use primary evidence, including maps and photographs to write a research paper on how the location of Montmartre and specifically Moulin Rouge’s placement between the working class and the bourgeoisie was imperative to their popularities.
Include background such as how the working class got to be in the area of Montmartre and the events leading up to this, background on how Montmartre become a part of pairs, as this is a part of why it was so popular- pre-1860 there was an external wall of Paris and this then contributed later to the lawless atmosphere Montemartre was known for, explain the wall and taxes that it included.
include background on sex workers in the Montemartre area and culture of this, how property values were low so this created an economy good for people to rent and then create dance halls.
Focus on the time periods of the founding of the dance halls (1889-1905) and include information on dance hall history.
include a bit on the infamous windmill on top of the Moulin Rouge and the marketing behind it (french word for the symbol “enseigne”)
Research the rise to popularity of the area in the time period of 1889-1910 and how the location and history played a part in this. Please include french terms/words when applicable.