(this is a repost- I had to make adjustments). I would refer to the sample paper as a guide. So for this one, we’ll just do a brief outline/history of elec med records, the advantages of them, the disadvantages, future use, and summary (at least that’s my idea) with proper sources and references. Requirements: You are asked to write a comprehensive research paper about electronic medical records. Your written communication should reflect scholarly expertise appropriate for a upper division collegial work to include critical analysis, application of information, correct use of HIT terms, and grammar/spelling. Technical Requirements: 3-5 pages, typed double space, Times New Roman 12 point font. Please use headings and include a title page. Paper should be submitted using Microsoft word (doc or docx file). Please use scholarly references and cite using appropriate APA formatting for citations and reference page. (wikis, blogs, internet website sources should not be used as this is not considered academic references).