This assignment is similar to VistaBeans. You will try to figure out how to maximize profits for a manufacturing company. It may be a good idea to eliminate certain products, or examine how one region is different from the other regions. Show me what you would do with this data.
The Fletcher Company is a fictitious conglomerate with divisions in the retailing, manufacturing, and insurance industries. The retailing division consists of a chain of office supply stores known as Super Depot. Each student should assume the role of the divisional controller of SuperDepot. Pricing and product-line strategy decisions at SuperDepot are made by the CEO with input from the Vice President of Marketing. Fletcher’s Vice President of Marketing has just resigned and the CEO wants to reevaluate the pricing and product-line strategy decisions for each division. Fletcher’s CFO is out on an extended medical leave and has asked the divisional controller to complete this assignment for SuperDepot without her assistance. For the purpose of making a decision about pricing and product line strategy at SuperDepot, provide Fletcher’s CEO with an interactive report presenting the sales and profits of SuperDepot for the last four years.