These are the two books we used. Bonvillain, Nancy, Women and Men: Cultural Constructs of Gender, 5th ed. Rowman and Littlefield, 2021. Nanda, Serena, Gender Diversity: Cross Cultural Variations, 2nd ed. Waveland, 2014. 25 Points 1. Discuss several ways in which Western ideas have affected ideas about gender diversity in Thailand. 25 Points 2. Summarize the characteristics of “bakla” and explain how the role is related to the concept of “loob” and “labas.” Compare these concepts with that of the Native American Two-Spirit. 25 Points 3. Summarize the similarities and differences between the Travesti of Brazil with the Hijras of India. 25 Points 4. Summarize the role of the sadhin in India and explain the major ways in which it is distinct from hijras.