The spreadsheet entitled Compact Cars has sales data for six of the top automobile models, over a six-month period in 2019. There are no sales for the whole/complete of 2019-year sales data meaning what is available is a sample of the 2019-year sales. Your task is to test both: if the mean number of automobile types sold is significantly different for all of the six models AND whether or not the mean number of automobiles sold per month is significantly different among the months (Some of these tests will be taught in a later part of the class under “Hypothesis Testing” & ANOVA). The sample of automobile sales data for 2019 is in the Excel file provided. So, first do the following tests and conclude the finding.
Part 2 should be about 2 pages long, which includes:
Introduction to the problem and formulation of a business problem(s) presented.
Data descriiption.
Descriiptive statistics and the supporting graphs.
Interpretation of results, explain the methods shortcoming (if any, if you don’t think there is shortcoming please explain why the methods are appropriate for this analyses), final conclusions which include practical decision-making.
Data is already sorted and created I just need a 2 page double spaced essay on the 5 things listed above. I have given the excel sheet with the data created as well as graphs.