Marketing Mix
i. Product
Here you can provide all the technical details of your product, and its various forms.
ii. Price
Provide the price for your core product and also for any variations you may be offering.
iii. Place
Describe how you plan to distribute your product.
iv. Promotion
Provide advertising and promotional strategies. In light of the increasing importance of social media, every attempt should be made to use it, but only to the extent it is meaningful.
Financial Analysis
You can highlight the key financial figures here to show that your proposal is financially viable. You can use key figures from the exhibits to make a coherent argument here. At the very least, you should include break even analysis and a pro-forma income statement. Beyond this, you are welcome to add anything that strengthens the report.
You can create the numbers for the financial analysis portion as long as they are viable.
Cite sources
I have attached an example of how it should look like for a food truck company. However, this paper will be a company selling a healthy snack bars for people on the go.