Learning Goal: I’m working on a python multi-part question and need support to help me learn.MIS 315-3 Exam 3 is on Dec 7, 4 to 5:30Exam 3 TopicsDictionaries, Chapter 11: pages 328-331, 334-335Classes, chapter 14. Pages 374-382, 388, , 392, 394, 396. Ignore UML diagrams. Ignore “properties” as per page 398.Class definition, private attributes, methods. Object instantiation, explicit constructor (__init__ method): study program Bank2 (canvas files folder nov16-18-OOP). Use of decorator (Program Bank1)Composition of classes: study program Bank4Concepts of information hiding, data encapsulation, interface, implementation , pages 392, 394, 396Subclasses and inheritance, chapter 15: pages 414, 416, 418, 420Study program Bank5 (in canvas files folder nov23-OOP): definition of subclass, superclass, constructor of a subclass, method overriding, inheritance, polymorphism, isinstanceGraphical User Interface, Chapter 18.Understand the Python features involved in GUI programmingRoot (ignore root.mainloop), page 513Study Frame, Button, p.515Ignore padding argument: frame = ttk.Frame(root, padding=”10 10 10 10″)Ignore: frame.pack(fill = tk.BOTH, expand =True)Study Page 517: callback functions, event handlingStudy Page 523: subclass Investment of class Frame: its constructor, callback functionIgnore the method ”grid”, the “for child” loop