Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Final ReflectionAfter completing your disability paper, post a reflection on your learning during this course. How has your understanding of Disabilities improved?
What items do you feel you have learned as a future clinician about disabilities that you plan to retain for your future counseling work?
What questions about Disabilities do you still have?
Are you planning to engage in future research on your area of disability specialty?
What recommended disabilities do you feel needed to be discuss that was not discussed during class.
What recommendations would you provide to future students about disabilities?
How has your perspective changed since the beginning of the class about disabilities?
What will you take away from the course on disabilities?
What assignments helped you learn the best?
How did you know you were learning?
Which disabilities concepts and skills do you feel the most confident with now?
What type of disability assignments were the most thought-provoking for you?
How much time did you spend on disabilities work each day, approximately?
How did you grow as a Rehabilitation Counselor student during this time? (Think about what you learned about yourself – your skills, your study habits, your knowledge, your mindset, etc.)
How does what you learned on disabilities connect with other content areas and with real life?