Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Can you please do 2 different journal entries. 500 WORDS EACh. For each journal, choose something you have encountered that connects specifically to our course content. For example, you could discuss something from your personal experience or something you read, watched, or heard. Students in the past have written about many random and varied topics such as TV shows, going to Target, conversations with friends, being on dating apps, TikTok videos, political news, babysitting young children, readings from other courses, and so on. The idea of this assignment is to demonstrate your growing awareness of gender dynamics and to encourage you to apply what we are learning to your everyday life. The more specific you can be about the class material that relates to the subject of your journal, the better. For example, you could discuss how your topic relates to a specific psychological concept, reference a specific part of an assigned reading, or comment on some specific ideas shared during class discussion.I also attached some sample topics that you can use pick one for each response.