Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.READ THE FOLLOWING: ESSAYS AND SYLLABUS ARE ATTATCHED Final Portfolio Instructions
Professional Ethics Fall 2021
The purpose of this portfolio is to provide a formal, qualitative assessment of your growth and
performance in this class. You will demonstrate this by providing (1) revised drafts of your
previous three essays, along with a brief statement explaining your revisions; (2) a one-page
reflection about the importance of philosophy and ethics in your profession; and (3) a one-page
reflection on your performance as a student in this class.
Section 1 – Revisions and Revision Statement
The first part of this portfolio includes revised drafts of your previous three essays (“Ethical
Experts,” and “Ethical Theories,” and “Ethical Case Study”). Consider revising your essays by
doing the following things: looking at my feedback on your essays, sharing your essay with a
trusted friend, looking back at the essay instructions, visiting the tutoring center, etc.
You should include a brief 300 to 500 statement explaining your choices in revising your essays.
This statement should answer the following questions: What did I notice could be improved in my
drafts? What did I do to make those improvements? Was I successful? What else could I improve? Section 2 – Reflection on Philosophy and Ethics
The second part of this portfolio is a 700-1000 word essay answering the questions, “Why is
philosophy, and specifically ethics, important to the rest of my life and my profession?” “What I
am taking with me from this class?” This is an open-ended question giving you the space to
connect this class to your own professional and personal goals. Section 3 – Reflection on Labor-based assessment
The third part of this portfolio is a 700-1000 word essay answering the question, “What did I
learn in this class?” “How did I grow in this class?” “What grade do I deserve in this class?” This
should include a discussion of the expectations of the class and an honest assessment of your
work as a student. I’m more interested in what you did in this class (ex. show up on time, ask
questions, visit office hours, etc.) and your growth as a student, rather than the quality of
individual assignments. This reflection should also discuss whether you deserve the standard B+
for fulfilling the labor-based contract in the syllabus, whether you deserve a higher grade for
surpassing the expectations, or whether you deserve a lower grade for failing to meet the