Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. PROJECT Aoutline The Role of Nutrition in Preventing HypertensionThesis: Nutrition is the key to preventing hypertension.Introduction1. Threshold for hypertension diagnosis2. Risk Factors as it relates to diet.Diet Plan1. Foods that increase blood pressureA. High sodium, low fruits, and food with added sugar (Ozemek et al., 2018).2. Proper diet for high blood pressure management A. Low-fat dairy products, normal sodium intake limits, and whole grains consumption.B. Consuming fewer salts, sugars, and industrially processed fats that risk personal health(World Health Organization, 2019).III.Nutritional Role in Etiology1. GeneticsA. Family History2. Poor dietA. The role of high sodium in hypertension3. Physical ActivityIV.Role in Progression 1. Healthy and nutritious food 2. Well-balanced diet should comprise of proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals, fats, andcarbohydrates.V.Nutrition in Nursing Assessment1. Evaluation of nutritional status2. Identifying high-risk individuals who require instruction on nutrients for healthier living.VI.Nutrition in Client Education1. Classes on nutrition help individuals provide information necessary for categorizing facts from the fiction concerning healthy eating habits (Arkansas State University, 2016)..VII. Conclusion1. High Risk individuals should be identified and provided proper education on prevention of hypertension2. Establish good diet plan to prevent hypertension PROJECT BNurse E-Portfolio for this course, you will be examining and reflecting on the knowledge and skills you have learned about health assessmentWhat two areas of knowledge have you gained?
What specific health assessment skills are you now able to integrate into your nursing care?
Are there any areas that still remain unclear? What will you do to increase your clarity?