Learning Goal: I’m working on a law exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.Interview an attorney, paralegal, or secretary in a legal organization regarding their use of the Internet and email. How has it changed over time?
As a new paralegal in a solo practitioner’s office, you notice that the office has been slow to embrace technology. The office does not have a high-speed Internet connection and the attorney does not see the need to get one because the Internet is barely used in the office. The office mainly handles personal injury, divorce, and collection cases. Write a one-page memo to the attorney regarding the advantages of using the World Wide Web for this office.
You are a paralegal working on a personal injury case in which your firm’s client had her hand cut off in an accident on the job. The defendant admits liability and is trying to settle the case for an amount that the attorney thinks is too low. The attorney asks you to formulate a search query in Westlaw or Lexis in the hope that you can determine what amount of damages juries have awarded for this type of accident or case.
The attorney you work for wants you to perform CALR on the following issue. The attorney is representing a client who worked for a governmental agency. The client was fired from the agency because the client was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol while off duty. The criminal charges were dropped and the client was not formally prosecuted. The attorney asks you to formulate a search query plan, using a CALR service. What is your query?