Learning Goal: I’m working on a law case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.for full-text of a sports-related legal case of your choice. A prior internet search may produce some possible lawsuits related to the topic of your legal research interest. Write a minimum 4-page, double-spaced, legal brief related to any legal issue in the sport environment. You may send your reference to the instructor or course assistant in advance for confirmation if you choose. Title page should contain full APA citation
Summarize the background or facts of the case
In question format, write 2-3 legal issues pertaining to this case
Holding (court’s final ruling)
Rationale of the court’s decision
Significance of case in the sport environment
Personal response or critical opinion of court’s ruling and rationale
Explain how knowledge of this case might assist you or your organization
Include a cover sheet and reference list (not included in minimum 4 pp). Use the rubric to guide your work. Submit as Word doc. APA style. SafeAssign will scan each document for plagiarism check. You may include pertinent cases to provide evidence of case precedence related to the topic.