Learning Goal: I’m working on a history test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Compose an essay on one of the following topics. You should endeavor to write as much as is necessary to present a complete, clear, accurate, and philosophically respectable essay. An electronic copy of the paper is due in the dropbox for our class in eCourseware no later than 8 a.m. on December 7, 2021. Papers uploaded to eCourseware earlier than December 7 will be happily accepted. Late papers will not be happily accepted and result in serious grade reductions for every day it is late and grades of F for the course if not turned in (unless proper, official, and timely documentation permits a grade of I [Incomplete]). 6. What is the Philosophical Problem of the Meaning of Life? How does this ‘problem’ arise from a clash between a personal point of view and an impersonal perspective (or “the point of view of the universe”)? How is the ‘problem’ connected to the fact that someday all of us will die? Is death an evil because it puts an end to the good things in life, as Rachels believes, or can a different position be defended on the question of whether death is evil or not? Can the Problem of the Meaning of Life be dissolved by adopting a religious viewpoint? In what ways might one argue that it can be dissolved by taking a religious standpoint? How does Rachels respond to this way of attempting to erase the problem? What is your view of the religious viewpoint ‘solution’? How does Rachels argue that despite our impending deaths, our lives are, nonetheless, meaningful? What is your position on the problem of the meaning of life? Defend your position.