Learning Goal: I’m working on a english project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Follow Instructions in creating a Works Cited page:Aside from the research sources that were provided in Canvas, you were directed to do a Google (Links to an external site.) search and a Library database search for evidence/information supporting the two primary solutions that you have chosen to mitigate climate change. For this argument paper, you are to have a minimum of six sources, two of which must be from the databases.Make sure that you have citations on your Works Cited page for the1.) article used in your introduction for the background, and for the2.) two articles used for your two summary paragraphs, as well as3.) the articles used in your research paragraphs. You will use mybib.com (Links to an external site.) to create you citations, intext citations, and a Works Cited page.Create your Works Cited page from the sources that you used in your introduction and your research/body paragraphs. The citations should be listed alphabetically, double-spaced, and with a hanging indent (indent all lines AFTER THE FIRST LINE). You should have a minimum of six sources, with one being a library database. Use mybib.com to create the citations and a Works Cited page for your Climate Change Argument essay; then attach the file. https://www.mybib.com/