Learning Goal: I’m working on a data analytics exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Hello, I need to share the data with you but here it does not allow to share a .csv file so I can email or some other way. Answer the following 6 questions with Tableau worksheets respectively: 1. Create a Calculated Field named ‘Males-Females’ as a new dimension on your worksheet. (Be noted, you need to filter ‘Null’ when using it to measure) 2. Show trips taken by males versus females during the month as a horizontal-bar table. The The male-female dimension should be filtered 3. Show total hours and minutes traveled by males versus females during the month as a stacked-bar table. Customize with your preferred colors for male and female. 4. Show total trips for the system by hour of each day over the month of January 2015. 5. Show animated visualization of hourly departures during the month in the New York area. Reflect any number of departures from each station at each time point. 6. Based on the results of Question-4 or Question-5, use any data resources, analyze the reasons why there were low biking activities on Jan. 27th? Provide your brief answers with a web-link that tells your story  Each question should be contained in a clean worksheet. Submit your answers with a total of 6 corresponding worksheets and saved in one package  Your work should NOT be a screenshot. It should be saved and submitted as ‘Tableau-Packaged Workbook’ (*.twbx) format. The package should be named “Your-name-Tableau”;  Do not duplicate the answers provided from the professor’s Demo. Complete your work fresh and individually.