Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Request: Write a written paper with research on at least two of the biological, classical or psychological theories of juvenile delinquency. Considering this is a written task, it is important to approach an English native level of writing for the paper to be considered. Use academic language to express the ideas. The final work should be 4 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman excluding cover and reference page. I attached all the materials provided by the professors, including the list of theories from where to choose. Discuss only two of them without copy pasting the information from sources; instead make it like a literature review on that topic. Use headings in your paper to state what theory you are discussing in each parts. Paper a. 4 pages in length b. APA format c. At least 2 theories used to describe juvenile delinquency (the theories are provided in the document below, choose two). d. At least 5 separate sources (not Wikipedia)