Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need support to help me learn.(1000 Words) Suppose the City of Ottawa wants to do its part toward stopping climate change. To this end, one of the options it wants to explore is creating a pedestrian and bicycle friendly city by discouraging motorized vehicles. Various opinions are being talked about by interest groups and stakeholders. Opinions such as, a) Narrowing of all streets i) in residential areas by expanding sidewalks to accommodate bicycles, giving bicycles the right of ways in all streets with current speed limits of 50 or lower, ii) in tourist and shopping districts by expanding the rights of restaurants to have patio set-ups on part of the streets most of which would become one-way with no parking and no passing abilities; b) Levying fares to drive through downtown streets. There are many others. The mayor asks you for your recommendation about how he should go about making this complex decision that has many stakeholders with diverse interests. Where would you advise him to start? What would be the rest of the steps? Which decision model(s) are featuring in the process you are designing for him? What are the pros and cons of your design?